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what i hate about facebook, et al.

i hate that i get anxious looking at photos that people i used to know post. they're all posing with family, friends, children, doing things, going places. i don't understand why that bothers me. i don't post anything because 1)i don't do anything. i mean i don't do anything.


i go to work, then i come home. sometimes i go to buy groceries on the way home. i will have as little of a conversation with my husband that i can. small talk, really. if it wasn't for him i wouldn't talk to anyone outside of work.

at work, i have one person i work with. she's leaving in two weeks to germany to elope or something. now i will get to train someone new who won't stay there very long either. when i'm at work i will speak with my clients, but otherwise i don't have to talk to my coworker at all. she's facetiming all night long.

my best friend from school was in town last week and finally texted me this morning to see if we could "hang out" for a while before he went back home tomorrow. in other words, an obligation notification. i declined. somehow spending the rest of my day asleep sounded better than that.


Jul. 31st, 2013 05:44 am
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Woke Seattle. V.early. like 4:30am early. Yay time zones...
Good thing the Hyatt has a 24 hour fitness room and one of the 9000000 Starbucks in Seattle is in the lobby. So here I sit sippin on my iced Costa Rican Candelilla using up their free WiFi haha.

Rak, I pm'ed you a few days ago with my contact info.
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I did it as soon as I found out open membership was going on... I finally have a dreamwidth account although I have not posted on it yet- well, I guess I have now!

Why? I probably should have come over here a long time ago but the fandoms I've been lurking in are still on Livejournal for now, but now that communities can be migrated I wonder how long that will last.
As for our SUP/overlords, I don't like the unprofessional behavior of LJ and its dickish employees. I've been around since oh, March of 2002 and I stopped giving them money this year after the umpteenth DDOS attack among other things. Fandom is just something the SUP/owners obviously want to jettison in order to change LJ into Facebookski. I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate Facebook, but not as much as I hate the new comment system and those blue bars make my eyes twitch. I won't give a dime to move back to a paid account to "fix" it either.

Anyway. I'm going to start 2012 by posting more about me, maybe with an intro post, and if anyone here wants to add me that would be nice. I've been quiet for a while, yeah?


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